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Projects we've created recently

We love working with diverse and visionary people on projects that generate a positive impact in the world and pushes us to our best every single time.

And we also love playing around building fun and engaging things to explore new areas and bringing cool ideas to life.

Each month we are building and delivering new websites to the world that makes us learn, improve and constantly grow as creators.

Our Recent Projects
A custom community platform created for digital nomads to review destinations, find public internet spots to work remotely and book accommodations.
Cachaça Mineira com Jambu da Amazônica, Jambruna is the coolest cachaça out there! Their fun and powerful online store has everything to delight their website visitors in an experience that brings all aspects of their super rich brazilian cultural personality
A social impact platform built to help Florianópolis during the COVID-19 social isolation, connecting neighbour to help each other with shopping, promoting small local business and other initiatives in the city.
A clean, simple yet powerful private community website with memberships, online courses, groups and Zoom integration for member-only online sessions of Yoga and Meditation.
Online dance community helping people of all ages in the UK to rediscover, reconnect and play through lockdown
A custom-made news website platform built for international law firm FCR Law to publish relevant articles and daily bulletins about the impact of COVID-19 and legislation updates for businesses in Brazil.
A wellness private community with elearning platform for women to participate in online programs, access exclusive material and interact with each other through an integrated social network
A marketing-oriented website strategically built for Search Engine Optimization and site-integrated Email Funnel Automations for a Family-Business Consultant based in Brazil
A simple and beautiful website built in collaboration with branding agency Ardea Creative for an Education and Career consulting firm based in Brazil that focuses on millenials, university students and young adults starting their careers

We will meet you where you are.
Then we'll take you to the next level

Our mixed experience in Design, Web Development, Product Management and Digital Marketing allows us to build engaging websites and online platforms from strategy to launch and after.

Because we work with the entire process of building a digital project, we can meet you on the stage you are right now and help you with the steps to succeed online. 

Our services workflow shows the big picture and help our clients to see ahead.

We can help you with general or specific WordPress Consulting and with Custom Theme & Plugin Development!

What our clients say about their experiences working with us

WordPress tools we use, love and highly recommend

We spend a lot of time testing and choosing the best premium WordPress tools in the market for every possible need.

Our carefully picked collection of plugins that we use, deeply know and trust allows us to build complex projects quickly and, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we can keep the focus on the big picture and on the experience your audience will have using your digital product.

In our projects we connect all the pieces together to deliver products with ensured quality and highly documented that can be taken by any team.

These are some of the essential tools we work with:

Pixel perfect responsive pages and templates with the best WordPress visual design tool in the market.
Build your own community platform just like facebook, with user profiles, news feed, groups, messaging and more.
The online courses platform for WordPress. Sell online courses and create robust learning experiences to deliver your course content.
Create content-rich platforms with dynamic templates such as directories and complex content structure websites
Open-source eCommerce platform for WordPress. Sell your digital or physical products online, receive secure payments and more.
Complete Marketing Automation Tool for WordPress with Email Marketing, CRM, Funnels and full site integration.

We know it's a lot of information but we want to make everything crystal clear for you!

I'm on a journey. You are on a journey. Let's join forces and grow together!

Oh, hey! I’m Marcelo Rothen, creator of Tarrafa, a remote digital studio based in the island of Florianópolis – Brasil.

After years of trying to “create the next big digital thing”, making many mistakes and accumulating practical learnings, I fell in love with the creation process way more than I wanted to reach any finishing line. I’ve found that for me it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

This crazy journey of creating a successful online business can have many different turns and challenges along the way. But with the experience I’ve been gaining on my own journey and from helping many people on theirs, I want to help you reach your goal as well! 

I want to share with you the experience I got from helping people on their businesses, and also to be able to learn even more from the experience of working with you. 

And let’s all of us thrive in our own journeys!

Marcelo Rothen

Founder @ Tarrafa Digital Studio

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