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We have a process so you can chill


Phase 1 – Strategy

It all starts with the why. And the how. And the who. And the what. In our Strategy Phase we will discuss together the best approach for your project, from understanding your customers and competitors to brainstorming ideas that will make you stand out and have the best return out of your investment


Phase 2 – Design

It’s time for pen and paper. During the Design Phase of our projects we are not only designing beautiful visual interfaces, but designing the whole experience that people will go through when they experience your product.


Phase 3 – Development

Now let us do the magic. During our Development Phase we will build your fortress from the ground up, putting together everything you need to have a functioning website or digital product ready to be used by human beings


Phase 4 – Windup

This is fine tuning time. After testing and using your website out in the field we will give it a round of adjustments to make sure everything is perfect. This is also time to connect and integrate with all platforms like Google, Facebook, Mailchimp and what else you need.


Phase 5 – Support

Relax, we’re not running away! After your project is launched we will give you all necessary support to maintain your website healthy and alive, updating all the plugins we use, keeping it secure, and fixing any bugs you may find along the road.


Phase 6 – Optimization (extra)

Your website is a living organism. So is the market. After your project is up and running in the internet jungle we are always here for you to keep building more things and to be constantly optimizing your website

What our clients say about working with us

Tarrafa got the moves that Jambruna online store needed! Our cachaça brand is based on carnival and Brazilian culture – Marcelo understood it even better than I did! So happy that when costumers enter my website they feel like entering a tropical street party. Also, the navigation and checkout were super functional. Definitely a great website developer, but also an amazing architect of vibes!

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